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01/25/2010: "Between the Storms"
After the gales and deluges of last week, the air was sweet and clear for one whole day, and so I left the raingear at home and rode out to--where else?--the Bridge.

I had planned to ride part way on the Ballona Creek Bike Path, but the gates were still closed as there was still a chance of flooding or at least high water. You can see it in its deserted glory below:

Ballona Creek Bike Path

Perhaps building along storm drain channels--since that's what most of Ballona has become--is not the most practical way to establish bike routes.

Perhaps if we'd established more bike routes, and established more light rail lines (or simply kept the ones we used to have), there wouldn't be so damn much pavement in LA that any storm, let alone storms the intensity of last week's, causes the channels to become raging torrents.

But this is what we've got today. Tomorrow may be better, when all the city is at least as crowded with cyclists as the last mile leading to the Bridge was when I took the next photo:

Riders on the Jetty

Today was nearly as clear in the morning, but I had things to do around the 'hood, so I took the Bottecchia out for my run to the farmers' market in Plummer Park and filled a pannier with various greens, then walked the laundry over to the laundromat, and after that rewarded myself by riding the Pseudobecane to Wes Oishi's Soundcycles over on Pico to ruin his productivity for the afternoon.

Tomorrow, to South Pasadena, and I'd better take the rain cape along in case the weather predictions aren't wrong.

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