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01/01/2010: "Happy New Year!"
The View form Venice PierSo I threw the real camera, the digital SLR, into the pannier when I took off this morning to ride by Mom's and then scurry down to the beach for my traditional New Year's Day photo. (Traditional for the Euro-American New year; the Jewish, Chinese, and occasional Persian New Years we also celebrate are dedicated to eating....)

But when I got to the Venice Pier and rode slowly and politely among the crowds to the seaward end, I found the battery quite thoroughly, yes, you get another Crappy Cellphone Picture!

I did what I could to "fix it in post," and it's not as bad as it could be.

If the number of cyclists I saw this morning is any indication--and I saw everything from full-kit roadies to fixie punx to old couples on those high-bar hybrids--2010 should prove to be a very good year for cycling in Los Angeles and, one hopes, everywhere.

Let's do what we can to make it so. Happy New year!

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