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12/29/2009: "The Future is Neon Bright!"
It was most gratifying to see all kinds of folks on all kinds of bike today, as I rode my Tuesday loop to South Pasadena for coffee with Chuck and added a few stops on the way home--a busy, noisy, fragrant store in Chinatown for some rice wine, my wool broker and the contract factory downtown about various projects, and my mother's house to gather mail.

It seemed that every corner I turned showed me a new group of cyclists--some together by intent, some by random chance--and a variety of old and new bikes, and old and new riders. To wit:In fact, I'd guess that half the riders I saw were on new, inexpensive fixies, and they were all riding in the street looking like they were heading someplace.

Of course, I was on one of my fixies myself, and Chuck had ridden up to Buster's on his keirin bike.

So I guess what I'm saying is, Enough with knocking the fixie fashionistas and their bikes--those bikes have gotten more folks pedaling for transport than anything else since the '70s Gas Crisis.

For more about fixies in the city, read my little article, "Alpha and Omega: a Fixed-Gear Primer."

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