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12/21/2009: "Velo-Conviviality"
The most delightful morning of velo-conviviality today, with chores interrupted by the happy happenstance of meeting up with fellow LA cyclists by purest chance, no Tweeting, Facebooking, IMing, or any other kind of industrial relationship infrastructure required.

atpeets (84k image)Gina and I had some minor business to take care of near Larchmont, so we rode out under smooth gray skies to the notary public I know there, took care of the paperwork, and then spent some time helping her set up her passport camera. (I've known this notary, who also runs a mail stop, for over twenty years.)

That done, we rode a block down the street to Peet's coffee on the boulevard, and as we roll up on the sidewalk to look for a bike rack, I see my friend Lon standing on the sidewalk talking on his cell phone (with my friend Brian, as it turned out). Talking bikes, in fact....

I was happy to find it difficult to park as there were bikes at almost every rack; but I finally clicked the Kryptonite shut, and we ran in to get some coffee for me and G. By the time we were out, Lon was off the phone, and we started jawboning.

Within seconds, another bike rolled up, bearing Meghan of both LACBC and the Moth Attack framebuilding shop.

So our little ten-minute coffee stop turned into an hour with friends, and relaxing hang, and plenty of good words passed around.

So that's us (minus me) in the Crappy Cellphone Photo: Lon with his hand in his ear, Gina with her face in her cup, and Meghan taking a break from al fresco accounting.

And a couple of our rigs in the far background.

Made my day!

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