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12/07/2009: "Closing Facebook Page; New Article in LA Business Journal"
When I attempted just now to post a notice of my new article in the Los Angeles Business Journal to Bicycle Fixation's nascent Facebook page, I was slapped with a window claiming that the "content in [my] post was offensive to Facebook users," and that I could not post there.

Well, it's within Facebook's rights to censor what is said in its private space, and it's within my rights not to use that space--presented as a sort of forum, after all--under those conditions. So I have deleted the Bicycle Fixation Facebook page.

Our Twitter account is still open, of course, and going well, with hundreds of followers, and there is still the blog you are reading now, as well as the announcement list, hosted by Yahoogroups. So you still have plenty of ways to keep up with Bicycle Fixation news!

Meanwhile, here's the announcement that caused the problem: the Los Angeles Business Journal has published another editorial of mine, this one on the economics of bicycle infrastructure in general, and in particular on the benefits from a "bicycle boulevard" treatment of a section of 4th Street here. To read it, go to the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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