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11/28/2009: "Splintered Saturday"
One advantage (among many) of working for yourself is that you can have your Saturday any day of the week; I guess mine has become Tuesday, when I ride to South Pasadena to hang out with Velo Retro's Chuck Schmidt at Buster's Coffee. Or maybe Tuesday morning and Friday morning add up to my Saturday, Friday being when I visit my mother in her "assisted living facility" and then ride on to the Bridge to hang out with my friend Bill.

So today, my actual Saturday, turned out to be as busy as most workdays I have lived through, starting with a run to the Post Office to grab some Priority Mail envelopes for shipping Bicycle Fixation products, on to my mother's house (now no longer her home) to take in the trash cans and check the mail, then on to the house where my son and ex live to check the toilet. (They rent from my mother, whose agent I am.)

Next I rode up to Hollywood Boulevard to meet with some folks at a photo store, and finally to a three-hour meeting at the Bike Writer's Collective to wrangle out improvements to the city's bicycle plan, which could certainly use some improvement.

The bicycle meeting lasted three hours, and was pretty productive, which is not always the case with meetings.

By the time it let out, the sun was almost down, and I rode home under golden skies that darkened slowly to deep indigo, clear and vibrant as only desert skies can be, washed clean by a modest rain last night.

Not many miles today, but all of them good miles. A Saturday despite the chores and meetings.

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