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11/02/2009: "Another Fine Day"
Another fine day on the Velo Rétro Rose Bowl Ride. Left around 9AM so I could take it easy, and arrived at the meetup at almost exactly 10:30, so I had time to loaf around, gawk at some fine machines, and chat up the regulars. Despite a stunning clear day, the crowd was smaller than usual, but it was big enough for sociability, and we rode the 25-mile loop at any easy-ish pace. And I took a couple of snapshots before we saddled up:

My old Bottecchia and a Trek representin' for the fendered folk!

Chuck's Della Santa custom.

Valiensi's Valiensi

About 70 miles fixed for me, in very dry, hot weather--think it was just short of 90°F most of the day.

And then home to a birthday dinner, cooked by the incomparable Gina!--for my son Jack--who rode his fixie over.

My kind of Sunday....

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