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10/23/2009: "Bikes, Transit, Money, & "Polictical Will""
Found a good short article this morning from the blog "Travelin' Local," about bikes, transit, and funding in Los Angeles. Almost all the observations apply to any city in the US, so I recommend you ead it. A sample quote:
Unfortunately, too much money is going to road/parking projects and not enough to bike/mass transit projects. Here are some examples:

Never realized - 1996-2002 LA citywide bicycle master plan: $60 Million
Repaving 3 Miles of the 710 Freeway: $75 Million
Average annual costs of Los Angeles auto accidents: $10.5 billion
Construction of a single car parking space in a multilevel garage: $7,000+
Per bicycle parking space on a typical U-wave rack: $50+
(The examples, by the way are from another blog.)

A nice roundup of the values as well as virtues of supporting bicycle infrastructure. Read it at Travelin' Local.

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