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10/20/2009: "Multi-Modal Travel Across the Centuries"
...Well, across the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries, at least. Saw this ancient "Royal Prince" bicycle parked at the Mission St. Gold Lien station in South Pasadena this morning. The headbadge said it had been made in Birmingham, England. A quick Internet search suggests that the parent company was hercules, in later years absorbed by Raleigh. Probably a '40s or '50s model, with an incongruous seatpost-mounted rack on it, and the sleek Italian train zipping past behind it. Crappy Cellphone Picture, of course:

Royal Prince at the Gold  Line station

A few weeks ago I met a fellow at the Bridge who was riding a 1927 "President" bicycle--and had been riding it every day for fifteen years.

No need to recycle bicycles, when you can just keep riding them!

My Bottecchia is a relative baby at only forty years old....

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