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10/07/2009: "Hoodies on the Horizon...?"
Looks like there's a chance we'll be able to offer the Four Season Jersey/Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie again this winter, if things work out.

We had been trying to get in touch with our merino wool broker for weeks without luck. finally we reached him--but it turned out that the mill in New Zealand was no longer employing him or any other agent in the US. The former agent gave us the direct email address, and it looks like they have both charcoal and burnt orange in stock, though not in great quantities.

We have asked for a quote, and if business, which is just now creeping up from the recessionary depths of last quarter, keeps up, we may have the jerseys in the sizes you have all been emailing us about!

So get ready to thumb your noses at winter, and at dull winter styles, because, with a little luck, we'll have the hoodies back this year!

PS: We do have Small and Extra Small still in stock right now....

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