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09/07/2009: "Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around"
Upcoming presentation in Los Angeles, Friday, October 2nd, a presentation including celebrity cycling advocate David Bryne, Jimmy Z of the Bicycle Kitchen, LA's bicycle coordinator Michelle Mowery, and Dr. Donald Shoup of UCLA, who has done some of the most important work on automobiles and urban planning, and wrote the seminal work, The High Cost of Free Parking:
Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around
An Evening with: David Byrne, artist/musician; Jimmy Lizama, co-founder, Bicycle Kitchen; Michelle Mowery, senior project coordinator, bicycle planning and programming. LADOT; & Donald Shoup, professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

Musician, artist, author and devout bicyclist David Byrne turns his attention to the fractured, car-mad city of Los Angeles. How can LA--with one of the world's most challenging transportation systems--become a more bicycle-friendly city? How might the city change if more people made a bicycle their primary mode of transportation? Join David Byrne as he leads a panel of bike advocates, city officials and urban planners in examining the bicycle's role in transforming the urban experience.

Panelists: Jimmy Lizama, co-founder, the Bicycle Kitchen; Michelle Mowery, Senior Bicycle Coordinator, LADOT; Dr. Donald Shoup, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA.

Bicycle valet services provided by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.
For more information, go to The Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

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