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09/06/2009: "Breakfast and Sustainability"
Met with mayor Abbe Land of West Hollywood for breakfast Friday--the result of an editorial on the economics of cycling infrastructure which the Los Angeles Business Journal had published last week, and which I have republished in a slightly different version here.

West Hollywood is, like Beverly Hills, a small enclave completely surrounded by Los Angeles, not as wealthy by any means as its cousin a few miles south but considerably more progressive, and it delighted me to hear of Mayor Land's, and the city's, interest in sustainable development, and especially in support of urban bicycling.

We discussed all manner of things, from tax structures to bikelanes and sharrows to parking (both for automobiles and for bicycles) to watershed issues, but the focus of our discussion was, of course, urban bicycling.

Mayor Land is a wonderful and witty, intelligent person in her own right, and to hear of her and the city's serious dedication to re-creating a community along sustainable lines, in ways that enhance enhance community feeling and the local economy while still helping heal the environment, really gave a positive glow to the weekend.

I may be working with Mayor Land and West Hollywood more as time goes by, and will keep you posted here.

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