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07/25/2009: "Limited Edition Bicycle Fixation Musettes On Sale"
Since Vélo-Rétro had some musettes left in a color that Chuck doesn't prefer, but that we love, we had him print the wheel-and-lotus onto them so we could offer them to our readers. Not really an ad, as there's no text; just our symbol for the harmony that cycling can bring to lifel

As you know, we brokered the manufacture of these through the same factory that makes our well-known cycling clothes; they are exact duplicates of a 1950s Italian musette from Chuck's collection, and they fit nicely into a saddlebag or even pants pocket for those moments when you decide to pick up a little gift for spouse, or a pastry to take home from that shop you just discovered during your ride, or to use a daybag for a Sunday spin.

Only $19.99, and there aren't too many of them. Check them out while you can: the Bicycle Fixation Musette!

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