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07/20/2009: "Kronan "Classic" City/Cargo bike Review"
Bicycle Fixation has just posted our review of Kronan's "Classic" city bike, a Eurostyle cruiser for short commutes and cargo runs. We kept it for a month or so and really put it through its paces, as you will see in our review.

While heavy, this replica of a Swedish army bicycle is bombproof and capable of carrying huge loads with aplomb--at one time I carried Gina on the back, Dutch-style, and a load of groceries, including a watermelon, on the frame-mounted front rack. It proved an excellent box carrier too, as we detail in the story.

It should prove an excellent car-replacement for shopping, dining, and other local activities that take place within two or three miles for most Americans--don't forget that, while US commutes are often long, 40% of car trips here are less than two miles long, and more than half less than three miles, well within the Kronan's "magic circle."

In fact we first saw one at the Larchmont farmers' market right here in car-addicted Los Angeles!

And everyone thinks it's beautiful! Read it and smile: Kronan Classic.

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