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07/06/2009: "Maybe This Time It's Really Summer"
Yesterday was the first Sunday of the month, which, of course, means Chuck Schmidt's Velo-Retro Rose Bowl Ride! It was also the first clear Sunday morning of the year, or so it seemed, as we've had what passes for unseasonably cool weather here in SoCal. The Global Warming that economic Neanderthals are so certain is a black-helicopter misinformation campaign of some sort is, in fact, progressing almost exactly as the computer models of the '70s predicted--only faster. Last year's summerless summer may have been unsettling, but it was nothing unusual, given what we know of what we've done.

Still, we may have had to wait till July, but we got a Real Old Fashioned Summer Day at last: by the time our slew of vintage road bikes, fixies, and a plasticine pocket-rocket or two pedaled up the last hill to Beantown, the thermometer on the shaded east wall was nudging 100°F.

Not a day for hot coffee. I had a fruit smoothie, gave myself a case of brain-freeze, and enjoyed a half sandwich before setting off for home.

In the afternoon Gina and I took out the Kronan city bike we're riding to review here in BF, so Gina could photograph it. Camera kit on the front rack, Gina on a home-made cushion on the rear rack! By the time the light faded and we headed home, the temperature had become almost chilly again.

But today is warm, so maybe we'll have a taste of summer after all--in spite of our own collective best efforts to mess things up.

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