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06/29/2009: "Trains & Bikes in UK"
In the UK the government is taking decided measures better to integrate cycling and rail travel. To quote:
Lord Adonis, the transport secretary, will today launch a £5m fund to provide 10 terminals with better cycle facilities for commuters, including more storage space and specialist stores. The scheme will attempt to emulate the Netherlands, where cycling accounts for about a third of all trips to and from stations, compared with just 2% in the UK. "I want to see every major station also serve as a cycling hub, as is the case in Holland," said Adonis. "Cycling in Holland is not in the genes, it's in the facilities that are available."
The marvelously-named Lord Adonis was spurred to action after seeing what the Dutch have done to encourage cycling.

Now if we could only inspire a similar lever of commitment and good sense in the US! Of course, we'd need trains first....

Read the full article at the Guardian: Stations in £5m Drive to Get Rail Passengers onto Bikes.

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