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05/26/2009: "Marathon Men and Women"
The Los Angeles Marathon took place yesterday, and Bicycle Fixation Central lies squarely within the route. (Well, a little to one side: the runners pass one block from the apartment.) One of the great traditions of this city is for our drivers to moan and groan about the unutterable horror of street closures necessitated by the race, but we found we had not a bit of trouble getting around....

In the morning I went to pick up groceries for my mother, then stop by a farmers' market in West Hollywood for greens for us; later Gina and I went to the farmers' market again, since she usually works Mondays and had never perused the most excellent offerings of this one (Plummer Park, Monday mornings, for you LA folks). After bringing home the goods, we met Patrick Miller and crew, who were following Patrick's girlfriend as she ran the course, and cheering her on at certain milepoints. Then Gina and I felt the need for coffee and a nibble and headed out again...all while the Marathon was running and the streets closed off.

Oh, yes, of course we were on bicycles, as were our friends of the cheering section!

No frustration, no overheating engines, no feeling trapped, no trouble at all on a beautiful cool calm day. Just true freedom, courtesy of the velo.

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