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05/11/2009: "Rising Tide"
I had to walk up and down Wilshire boulevard by my apartment a couple of times today, and I have to say, it was pretty heartening to see how many bikes were on the road, or locked to racks and meters, on a busy weekday here in the Miracle Mile!

The dueling bike racks at the Wilshire Courtyard were full--though the building management had just added another row, and there is bike parking in the garage as well. Riders were cruising up and down the street (and sidewalk), and every block sported two, three, four bikes U-locked to a variety of street furniture (including the few actual bike racks), while their owners were presumably in the various buildings working, meeting, or doing lunch.

And it seemed as though I couldn't look out my front window without seeing someone pedal by.

I'd blame it on Bike to Work Week, but the good news is, that it's not really a huge increase in riders over any other week.

My morning ride to fetch Mom's groceries for her put me in the good company of numerous cyclists, too, right at rush hour when it counts the most.

Looks like we're getting smart at last.

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