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05/08/2009: "Wind & Wheels"
This has been one of the windiest springs I can remember for LA. Usually there are storms in January and February, winds in March, still damp mornings with hazy afternoons through May and June, and then the clear and searing days of summer.

This year, we've had blasting heat in April and May, the desert-bred "devil winds" months early, and today, another hot wind inexplicably blowing in from the sea! And Santa Barbara is burning as I write....

No doubt part of the Global Warming boil-up, long predicted and now here thanks to our own wilfull cluelessness. Driving as a sacrament, the American way, but ultimately stupid on so many counts.

Makes me think of putting drop bars back on my Bottecchia. I love my bullhorns, but nothing beats good drops in a headwind!

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