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05/01/2009: "May Day"
Seems like Workers' Solidarity Day didn't achieve much solidarity today, at least not in LA, with separate marches by organizations who seemed to disagree with each other more than they do with the Power-That-Be.

So, I got on my bike and rode to the Bridge at Playa del Rey to gaze on the primal solidarity of the sea. It was a close, damp day--no rain, but the air warm and heavy with moisture, which is unusual here. Unfortunately I wore all gray and black, by chance, which seemed to operate as effective urban camouflage. Either that, or the drivers were even more clueless than usual, for I had to face off one fool who passed another car, on a side street, at high speed, in the opposite lane (which was mine!); a number of close passes, and a higher than typical number of right turns form the left lane, or left turns form the right lane--capped off by an incident I saw while walking back from the ATM, where a consummate idiot in a modern muscle car variant turned right from the left turn bay! The car seems to transform grownups into brats again, thinking only of themselves....

Despite all that, it was a good day, and a good ride; and on the way home from the beach I stopped at the Farmers Market on Third Street to have lunch with a friend of mine, a former pro bike racer now studying for her PhD in international relations. (She'd ridden her fixie over, too!) A plate of sushi and some May Day maunderings, and it was time for me to ride home and take care of business.

To all who earn their bread with honest labor, be it of the brain, the hand, or both, I wish you peace and comfort, and a pint among friends.

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