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04/28/2009: "First Shorts Feedback"
The first orders of the Town & Country Shorts went out a few days ago, and we already have feedback from a happy customer. Mr. Lynn M. of Missouri writes:
I've come to appreciate Richard's products, as well as his promptness...but to order MID-DAY FRIDAY, then have the shorts MONDAY in the mail???!!!

In the center of the Continent, too!

Oh, and the shorts are simply fantastic. Fit great, comfortable, etc, etc...
And we are confident his pleasure will not only last but grow as he uses them...we've been testing our sample for nearly a year, and they've proven themselves both comfortable and tough. We'll be doing close to forty miles in them today, on our run to South Pasadena to pick up a T-shirt and some bike cult gossip from Chuck Schmidt, Mr. Velo-Retro himself, at Buster's Coffee.

So take a break and check out our Town & Country Shorts, 'cuz summer's almost here. (And about time, too!)

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