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04/21/2009: "Summer Preview"
Looks like we got a sneak preview of summer heat today, with temperatures hovering, as they did yesterday, mighty close to 100°F. I left on my rounds a little before 8 to beat the heat, as I had a lot of miles and some hills to climb, and it already felt hot at that hour--the heat was palpable as it often is in desert lands such as ours; you had the illusion that the sun's light was physically pressing on your arm.

I rode easy on my way eastward, as I wanted to visit Harv Woien of CICLE and the Bike Oven, who was indisposed today and so likely not to have skipped out into the wilds of northeast LA. He also lives atop a hill with a long, winding climb--one that is also, at this time of year, fragrant with jasmine. Lovely views, too!

The it was over to South Pasadena to pick up a shirt and an hour or two of gossip from Chuck Schmidt of Velo-Retro. I sipped a couple of arnold palmers while we chatted, then headed back into the blaze of noon to come home, perhaps a bit less sprightly than I'd been when I left a few hours before.

So, not very regretfully, I put off organizing the pile of Town and Country Shorts that presently obscures our dining table. Yes, they are here at last! And I promise you they'll be on the website by tomorrow sometime...though perhaps with only one photo, till I can coerce a couple of friends into acting as models. They're nice, nice shorts....I wore the sample for today's ride. (Along with a sample of the upcoming summer jersey, which was nearly perfect....)

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