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04/09/2009: "Bicycling and Image"
Well, for a while there was hope, as I'd ordered a new compact camera from an eBay seller, a Fuji E550. They're now out of production, but I favor them because they have almost no shutter lag, the sensor quality is high, and you can shoot in RAW format if you wish. And they're small enough to carry around when you're not going out specifically to make photos, but want to have something handy because...well, because you can see so much from a bike saddle, and some of it is well worth recording!

Unfortunately, despite, having advertised a "new, never opened" camera, the seller sent me a refurb. I complained, and they sent a call tag and sent a replacement right away. Very nice!

Only the replacement didn't work--the images were striped and overexposed. And it too showed signs of having been opened, though at least the serial numbers on camera and box matched.

So they're sending another call tag, and will refund my money.

But that leaves me only my "formal" camera, a large Olympus DSLR. works beautifully, but it's not something to tote around on spec.

So you may have to put up with Crappy Cellphone Pictures for a little while longer.

I was twenty years in photo retail, and always treated my customers according to the Golden Rule. So I'm particularly disappointed. There is so much I see while riding that I want to record...! And most pocket cameras these days are either strictly for family photos, or out of our budget for now.

But soon, I promise you....

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