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03/25/2009: "Podcasts at New Colonist"
As some of you may know, I also co-edit The New Colonist, an urban sustainability 'zine. New Colonist publisher Eric Miller has begun producing a series of podcasts exploring various aspects of urban living and sustainable development and transport, which includes a series of conversations with meself, and an interview where he asks me about living carfree in Los Angeles.

If you're interested, you can find them on the New Colonist podcast page. If you have iTunes, you can also subscribe to our new podcast series by clicking here, though that link will work only if you have iTunes installed on your machine. (You can download iTunes for free.)

It's a short list now--we started only last month--but it will grow, and you can bet there will be more bicycle-related conversations and interviews in The New Colonist as time goes by.

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