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03/15/2009: "How Much Does Worm Poop Weigh?"
worm-gro (72k image)And that's not a frivolous question....

After a few days of being very mildly sick and a pretty tedious day yesterday that kept me up with eldercare problems till well after midnight, I didn't feel up to my usual Sunday ride today. Instead, I rode along with Gina on her ride to the Larchmont farmers' market for our weekly vegetables. This has the advantage of giving me brunch with Gina, of course, as well as a relaxed ride and the chance to help her with some necessary chores. Also, I had to deliver light bulbs to my mother's house near Larchmont.

Put brunch in our bellies and various greens, roots, and other vegetal delights into the pannier I had hooked onto the Tubus, and then saddled up to head for home, when Gina remembered that she needed to pick up some plant food for our balcony garden, so we rode on down to Mordigan's Nursery off Fairfax. While there she saw, of course, a ranunculus she wanted to buy, for which there was room in the pannier on top of the greens.

And then she saw a 22-liter bag of worm castings....

"Castings" is a euphemism. The bag held twenty pounds of worm shit. And I had one pannier (actually a grocery basket) unused on the poor Bottecchia.

In went the ranunculus on one side, after moving the more squashable greens to Gina's messenger bag...and in went the worm shit in the other.

And that's what led to Sunday's official Crappy Cellphone Picture: my poor Bottecchia bearing such an ignominious burden!

If I'd known, I'd have taken the Pseudobecane, not to spare the Bottecchia's tender feelings, but because the orange bike is stiffer and heavier and set up to carry loads.

But the Bot did well, the goods came home, and we spent a quiet afternoon outside together, Gina potting and repotting plants, and me catching up on minor bike maintenance.

A catch-up day, nice and easy. Just what I needed.

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