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03/05/2009: "Classics in Action!"
tussle (133k image)
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Mike B. sent me this photo that someone forwarded to him, curious about the juxtaposition of a tandem cruiser and a hard-charging cyclocrosser--but Mike was more interested in what seems to be a pair of our Bicycle Fixation Classic Knickers that the tandem captain is sporting. (Mike says of the knix that they are his "absolutely favorite pair of cycling attire.")

So I opened the picture in PhotoShop and looked at the metadata, saw that it was shot on December 12th, 2008, and searched for tandem cyclocross action on that date. Voila! Right there on garr1s0n's Flickr photostream was the original photo....

The photog says it was the "Tussle at the Trestle" grass-track cyclocross and general bike madness event in Philadelphia, sponsored by Trophy Bikes, which seems like a worthy shop. Haven't heard back from the rider as to whether he objects to being outed, but I will say that he bought those knickers way back when, and we here are mighty glad to see that they're still kicking!

The present version has stronger cloth, double-stitched seams, and a better-behaved gusset; check them out for yourself: our flagship product, the Classic Wool Knickers.

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