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03/03/2009: "Is It the Mayor's Birthday?"
Is it the mayor's birthday, or just that today the city held an election involving him? Road after road I've ridden the past few weeks has been under repair, even ancient thoroughfares that have not seen a pothole filled in living memory. I've been damned happy I installed those Schwalbe Marathons a couple of months ago, as the ground-down and textured lanes that still await their coating of asphalt would have been mighty uncomfortable on my previous skins. Anyhow, since no stimulus money has come LA's way yet, there must be some local motive. I'd like to think that civic kindness towards road users might be part of it.

Of course, we may have had our little part in it, with our photo essay on the potholes of Fourth Street, which we published last year.

Now, if LA would just get crackin' on those bicycle boulevards we dream of....

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