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02/13/2009: "LA Readers Note: Expo Line Meetings Coming Up"
If you live anywhere in central or western Los Angeles, try to attend one of the meetings mentioned in the link below:
Phase Two Overview

Metro is seeking input on various aspects of the Line's final shape. Meetings will occur on February 18th, 23rd, and 25th, and you can also submit comments online.

According to the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition, Metro is cutting out the bike path slated to be built along the ROW to save money; it won't save much, and the bike path would be extremely useful to the central area communities, so keep that in mind as you read and prepare your comments.

LACBC says:
A new light rail line, called the Expo Line, will eventually extend from downtown to Santa Monica. The project is divided into two phases. Phase I is under construction and will end at Robertson & Venice in Culver City. Phase II will extend the line from there to Santa Monica. Phase II is still in planning phases, and a draft environmental impact report was released last week.

One of the things that has been promised for the Expo Line is a bikeway adjacent to the train line. This would create a continuous bikeway from Santa Monica to downtown if it were built!

Recently, the Expo Construction Authority decided NOT to include the bikeway in the environmental review for Expo Phase 2, to avoid the burden of doing a federal environmental impact statement. Thus, the bikeway segment of the plan will not be considered by Expo Construction Authority even though it has federal funding.

This has created serious uncertainties about how, when or if an Expo Bikeway will ever be built.
Again, for meeting schedules or to comment directly, go to: Phase Two Overview.

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