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02/06/2009: "Signs of the Coming Times"
dutchbikesO20 (83k image)Stopped by Orange 20 Bikes today, and saw that they're carrying more European style classic city bikes, a good sign for LA. I mean the real classics, not some vapid high-bar hybrid...they may not be too visible in the cellphone camera picture, but the lineup just in that corner of the store includes a Pashley Sovereign, two Batavus cruisers, and a Batavus cargo bike, plus some others I didn't get a close look at. It's also the only place I've seen a Pashley Guv'nor in the metal. This, plus an entire wall of urban fixies, countered by another wall of road and 'cross bikes, and spiced with a smattering of BMX, mountain, and kids' bikes, makes the 20 a real paradise for us lovers of the velocipede, indeed!

Add Scoops for artisanal ice cream across the street, and Pure Luck for hearty vegan fare next door, and...well, I can hardly tear myself away once I arrive.

Cheers to the lads and ladies of the 20! Keep it up! "The revolution will not be motorized...."

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