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01/27/2009: "The 650Beast"
nishiki_10 (249k image)
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Well, he's really no beast, just Gina's Nishiki Custom Sport converted to 650B and dressed in French fashion: aluminum fenders, Belleri porteur handlebars, and a nice of course Gina's inevitable Carradice, which she moves from bike to bike depending on what she's riding that day. This sweet little mixte's yclept "The Milk Runner," and mostly sees duty at shops and restaurants...a good little city bike. What looks like a mess of cabling in the basket is actually a cargo net, which serves very nicely to hold purse, coffee mug, and once even a very tall potted orchid!

Future plans for the Milk Runner include a chainguard and a skirtguard, prettier pedals (that are still girly-shoe-friendly), and eventually a paint job, for which Gina is planning pinstripes.

Of course we'll report on progress here. Meanwhile, you can see a photo sequence on our Flickr page.

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