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01/08/2009: "Knicker Refreshment"
A quick heads-up- it looks like the new batch of Classic Wool Knickers will be ready by the end of the month, and possibly as soon as the 15th, so keep an eye on the blog here for the announcement.

As usual, we're including a limited number of Special Edition knickers--this will be another depression-fighting Luxury version, the details of which we're keeping secret just for the fun of it!

And you may as well know that we're road-testing another special jersey right now, slated for a summer release. We're pretty sure you'll like it--we sure do! (Except for the purple zipper they put on the sample, just because it was handy--rest assured that won't be part of the production run!) the final will be in 100% New Zealand merino again, and should be destined to become a favorite for many of you.

Bike commuting just gets more comfortable every year, doesn't it?

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