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01/01/2009: "Electra in the Mall"
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At the Mall

At the Mall
Went to the Farmers Market on Third & Fairfax for a New Year's Day lunch at Ulysses Voyage this morning. We almost always parking in the garage at the adjacent mall, which has much better bike racks than the primitive comb-style racks at Farmers Market itself. The garage is the usual hideous concrete magalith, bigger and taller than the mall it serves (the Grove, with its pretentions of being a bunch of quaint shops along a pedestrian street, though most of its shops are chains, and the pedestrian street is patrolled by shaven-headed security guards in Smokey hats...).

Nevertheless, never underestimate the draw of a competent bike rack, so there we were. When we came back from lunch, we saw the pretty little electra Amsterdam in the photos (pix courtesy of Gina's iPhone, which has a much better camera than my generic cell). We both thought it would make a nice New year's greeting to the Bicycle Fixation readership, so here it is: built-in rack, fenders, generator lighting, skirtguard, chaincase, and more, and a pleasant flowers-n-may paint job to offset the lingering chill of the last storm.

If you're going to hit the mall, this is definitely the way to do it.

Happy New Year to all!

Gina & Rick

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