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09/21/2008: "Oh, Knock It Off!"
Bicycle Fixation is proud to announce our first few knock-offs: yes, others have begun copying our designs, cutting corners as is the way of the fashion industry, but still, it's an homage of sorts....

Our first inkling was in a niche market catalog, showing a knicker (not made by them) that looked an awful lot like our Hemp City Knickers, down to the same olive color, contrast stitching, and drawstring cuffs. It was cheaper, too, but only cotton, as I's not on their website now, and our copy of the catalog is long gone.

Next was a small local company touting a cycling hat that had a "short brim and extra loft in the crown"--a good description of our James Black hat!

And now we see a specialty retailer in Berkeley announcing a custom knicker that has a mighty close resemblance to our Classic Wool knickers, changing the button cuff for a buckle. And of course swapping out the 100% wool gabardine for an 80/20 a price considerably above ours!

We're not worried. Few will bother to provide the quality of workmanship and materials we give you, and, let's face it, even in carefully-controlled catalog shots, these knock-offs don't look nearly as good as the Real Thing...which you can get right here at Bicycle Fixation!

And now the poor sods have to try to copy our Four Season Jersey...but frankly I doubt they'll have the guts even to try!

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