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09/18/2008: "Busy Week"
We've had a busy week at BF, with orders for multiple items coming in every day, as well as the usual onesies... lots of interest from overseas and Canada as well, which means more paperwork to fill out. But that's a good kind of problem!

I've been keeping up my short blog over on, if you're interested in short velocipedal notes and observations, and I'm ready to get back to work on the city bikes book for OYB, now that I've had an email confab with editor Jeff Potter.

Fall is coming, and winter will follow, so check out our Four Season Jersey and our refreshed stock of Classic Wool Knickers; selling the clothes we design not only supports Bicycle Fixation's articles, features, and galleries, but helps people like you spend more time on the road on their bikes, and that's our real mission here.

Hope to get some new articles up soon too--keep an eye on us!

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