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09/09/2008: "Classic Wool Knickers Back in Stock"
We now have the Classic Wool Knickers back in stock in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 42. These are the dark charcoal gray cloth we have been using for over a year, and which is both elegant and tough. We have also redesigned the gusset at the cuff to prevent it from flying out--hence the slight ($4) price increase. Click here to buy.

We will be releasing a new Limited Edition of the Classic Knickers, this time at a lower price, because we got a good deal on a Italian wool blend gabardine. Please note that these are not 100% wool! Their page should be up in a few days.

Also, don't forget that the Four Season jersey in both 100% New Zealand merino wool or a blend of hemp and organic cotton is available now! Click here to buy

There's nothing else like this jersey available anywhere else at any price, and once these are gone, we won't be making more till late next summer.

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