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09/06/2008: "Basket Fixie"
Fixie with front basketWith my usual apology for the Crappy Cellphone Picture, I present this shot of a cute little fixie with a basket, parked in the crappy bike rack in from the the Marina del Rey Marriott hotel.

I had to go there to register for the bike-only leg of the Los Angeles Triathlon, which Gina signed up for, and then with much batting of eyelashes asked me to go too, to keep her company.

She got in free as her employer is one of the sponsors, but we had to pay for my entry--for the chance to ride streets I ride every day, but this time in the company of notoriously bad bike handlers who actually worry me far more than LA traffic does.

The chaos of private, public, and NGO bureaucracy that accompanied the signing-up process didn't help my mood yesterday, but seeing that little basket fixie did, so I snapped the picture with what I had at hand, and there it is.

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