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08/25/2008: "Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em...."
brompton_larchmont (79k image)Noticed this Brompton parked in trendy Larchmont Villager this morning complete with official Brompton handlebar bag. Whole rig looks pretty handy for urban riding, even though the handlebars are (to me) hideous-looking. I was wondering why the rider folded it to park it, then realized that the luggage rack doubles as a prop stand, and what looks to be a very effective one.

Since Bromptons (and their dedicated bags) are really expensive here in the US, and since the Hancock Park area where you find Larchmont is more the domain of faux-fox-hunter types driving Jags or Range Rovers, it is heartening to see these folks, responsible for so much pollution and sprawl, orders of magnitude more per capita than the poor, taking on a different kind of responsibility, that of planetary stewardship.

I often see another Brompton, piloted by a sixtyish, well-dressed, patrician-looking gentleman in the same area, as well as an Electra Amsterdam belonging to a plump blonde matron--all good signs that some Americans, even some of the usually oblivious wealthy, are not only deciding to become good grownups at last, but also appear to be having fun doing their errands by bike.

Step by step, step by step....

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