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08/13/2008: "Hemp Knicker Clearance Sale!"
Okay, folks we're putting the Hemp City Knickers in Olive on clearance sale, as we have decided to change the design slightly and to use a new hemp blend in the next run--one which will be a bit tougher, but which is not available in Olive.

So if you love the Olive color and the present cut and fit, this is your last chance; to help you make up your mind, we have lowered the price from $112.00 to $98.00!

All proceeds will go towards bringing out the new Four Season Jersey as soon as possible, and to replenish our stock of Classic Wool Knickers, so your purchases now guarantee more goodies for you in just a few weeks!

As of this writing, we have mostly sizes 36 and 38, but a very few 32 and 34 as well. Get 'em while you can!

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