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06/18/2008: "Attention Hemp Lovers!"
Just a little heads-up....

We will be redesigning the Hemp city Knickers slightly before the next batch, and changing the material. We will be moving from the hemp/tencel blend in a linen weave, to a new blend of hemp with thread made from recycled water bottles, in a twill weave.

Not only will this cloth be even more environmentally friendly than the hemp-tencel, it will resist abrasion better.

However, it costs more, so the knickers will be slightly more expensive (about the same price as the wool ones), and they will probably not be available in the original olive color.

I am going to ask, beg, and plead that they provide this cloth in olive, but so far it is available only in charcoal gray and blue. It is likely that that will remain the choice when the time comes for us to order in the yardage.

So if you love the olive color as much as we do, now is the time to order a pair of the Original Hemp City Knickers, when we have plenty in stock.

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