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06/18/2008: "Take Action in Southern California"
This just in from Aurisha at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition:
Mayors of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Cerritos, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Monrovia, Pomona, Redondo Beach, and San Gabriel are attending the U.S. Conference of Mayor's Annual meeting from June 20-24th and bikes are on the agenda! According to the June 10th American Bicyclist update, Mayor Chris Koos, of Normal, IL, has introduced a resolution making the case that bicycling should be integrated into our nation's transportation, climate, energy and health policy initiatives.

Let's get your mayor to be the first mayor in LA County to co-sponsor the resolution, which is currently co-sponsored by many cities, but none in LA County: John Hickenlooper, Denver, CO, John Marchione, Redmond, WA; Marty Blum, Santa Barbara, CA; R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis, MN; Jim Brainard, Carmel, IN; Al Larson, Schaumberg, IL; Ron Littlefield, Chattanooga, TN; and Joe Riley, Charleston, SC.

Take 2 minutes TODAY and urge your mayor to cosponsor the resolution! (calls preferred)

LOS ANGELES, Antonio R. Villaraigosa
213 978 0600

BEVERLY HILLS, Barry Brucker
(310) 285-1013

CERRITOS, Jim Edwards
(562) 924-6582

LONG BEACH, Bob Foster
(562) 570-6801

MANHATTAN BEACH, Richard Montgomery
(310) 802-5053

MONROVIA, Rob Hammond
626 932 5550

POMONA, Norma Torres 909-620-2051 REDONDO BEACH, Mike Gin
(310) 372-1171, Ext. 2260

SAN GABRIEL, Harry L. Baldwin
(626) 308-2816

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