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04/28/2008: "Beach Weather"
Certainly a tribute to global warming that we are having nearly 100° weather in April, but so we did this weekend (and it continues, slightly abated, today). The people poured out of their houses and towards the beach, of course--and it was good to see that so many of them did so on their bikes.

I wandered off early Sunday, riding past the airport and eventually ending up on the Pacific Coast Highway a little past where I'd been intending to end up, but no matter: every mile was fine on the Bottecchia fixie, so I doubled back and stopped at the foot of the Hermosa Beach pier for a sandwich. And as you'll see in the photos below, I found not only food but bikes, lots and lots of bikes, everywhere I went:

You know you're in a bike-friendly place when the little French bistro has a pastry named for Paris-Brest-Paris!

Looking back from the end of the pier.

Cycling and fishing--for some, this might be paradise....

Bikes locked to the railing of the pub.

My Bottecchia, with three more bike rack arrays visible in the distance. There is a total of fourteen or sixteen sets of bike racks here; most of them were full. (I parked at the less-busy streetside end of the plaza.)

A nice forty-five or fifty mile day, pedaling every inch, and folks on bikes everywhere, even away from the beach.

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