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03/23/2008: "Back to the Bridge"
Having had a good workout or two last week in rides requiring the negotiation of hills, I decided to be good and lazy on my Sunday ride and go--of course--to the beach! Hey, it's springtime in California, after all! So I saddled up the Bambina, my Bottecchia fixie, and headed down Jefferson Boulevard to the Bridge at Playa del Rey, then back along the Ballona Creek bikepath. And for once I did not forget my camera!

So here are a few pix from the ride:

The Ballona Wetlands, off Culver Boulevard, just before Playa del Rey

Rick & the Bambina at the Bridge (photographed by an anonymous fellow cyclist)

The Bike Path, looking northward from the Bridge

A blue heron in the creek channel

I hope spring comes soon to you, too, wherever you are. But get out and ride anyway--it's always good!

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