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02/23/2008: "Another Beach Run"
So why live in Los Angeles if you're not going to ride to the beach? So I did--again--this makes probably five hundred times, I'm sure--and snapped a couple of nice photos, which I'll paste in here for your pleasure.

The folks in orange are probationers doing their community service cleaning up trash from the banks of Ballona Creek; you can see the bikepath along the causeway. This follows the creek all the way back to the east end of Culver City, only a few miles from where we live and work. Branches go up the coast to Malibu and down to Pacific Palisades, and it's a mighty nice place to ride--when the bubba with the gun ain't watchin' you.

That being the view in the other direction, with the Pacific beyond, and my old Bottecchia in the way.

And the view to the southwest made me think of Holland, so I fiddled it a little in PhotoShop to make it moody and serene in the way the old Dutch engravers had--or as close to it as I could manage.

One of these days I'll write up a ride report on my longer beach ride, down to Redondo and back by various routes.

It's a mighty nice way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning in LA.

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