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01/31/2008: "Thomas Hardy T-Shirt"
Thomas Hardy has long been one of my favorite authors (and Jude the Obscure one of my favorite books) for decades now. So I was tickled to learn, while reading a biography of the man a few weeks ago, that Hardy became an ardent cyclist in his fifties!

His first wife, Emma, had introduced him to the sport, and, after a shaky start (as you can imagine), he not only bought himself an expensive Rover Cobb bicycle, but built a bicycle room onto his house.

He continued to tool around Dorchester on his "byke," as he called it in letters, till well into his eighties.

So of course I couldn't help making this old portrait of Hardy and his "byke" into a T-shirt for all you literary-minded riders out there!

Click on the portrait to go to our T-Shirt Page, and scroll down a bit to see it.

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