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01/28/2008: "Flapping...."
Well, with the monsoons we've been having here in LA this week, I've been learning the true value of mudflaps. My kit of fenders, rain cape, helmet cover, and a baseball cap for keeping drops off my glasses works very well--except when going through the four-inch-deep running streams that rush across every intersection during and after a hard squall. So my toes got wet, because the mudflaps on the Planet Bike fenders are, I assure you, purely decorative.

I could buy the same company's Cascadia fenders, which come with real mudflaps, but I will probably just buy some plastic stair tread material at a hardware store and make my own mudflaps for five bucks as so many others have done.

Or, most likely, I will procrastinate until the rainy season is over, then put off the task for another few months. And get my toes wet in the meantime.

But if you live in a place with more normal rainfall patterns, by all means put real mudflaps on your fenders.

One of these days I'll pay attention to myself and do it too.

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