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01/11/2008: "Real Cycling Cities"
The following quote from an article in Britain's City Cycling magazine was as joyful to me as it was flabbergasting:
In many respects Assen is just an average town. In fact, the council apparently considers it to be below average in cycling terms as "only" 37% of journeys are by bike. Millions are being invested in major roadworks - including such expensive stunts as moving a canal sideways - and making huge improvements in the quality of cycling routes into town in order to improve conditions. Assen isn't considered to be a "cycling city" yet. The council says that in the future it might be one after considerable effort and expense.
The well-written story goes on to expostulate just how normal cycling is in Dutch cities, and what the Dutch do to make it even more integral to their urban worlds.

Read the entire article at City Cycling, and enjoy!

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