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01/09/2008: "New Retail Dealer in Los Angeles"
Those of you on the west side of LA might like to check out our newest dealer, Los Angeles Brakeless Bicycles, over near Motor and National:

Los Angeles Brakeless
3314 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 294-9051

They've been open only a month or two, and already have a reputation as one of the friendliest shops on the West Side--and no, they won't turn their noses up at geared bikes with brakes, either; they love bicycling.

Right now they're carrying only knickers, but hats will arrive there in a week or two--and of course they have bikes, frames, components, a service bay, and some T-shirts as well.

Drop by and say Hello, enjoy yourself, buy a part or two. The West Side's just gotten a little bit better for all cyclists.


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