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01/09/2008: "Logo Patches Available"
We have a limited number of Bicycle Fixation logo patches available in our web store now. These are our wheel & lotus symbol, with no company name or URL attached: a pure expression of the harmony cycling can bring to us, as individuals or collectively. They are heat-seal patches, so you can iron them on, or you can sew them on, or, if you're really worried, you can do both! Gina has been testing one by putting it onto the heel of her favorite pair of cycling sneakers!

Great for jackets, vests, caps, bags, etc.

We're selling three for $5.00; shipping to US addresses will be an additional $5.00, and to non-US addresses it will be an additional $12.50.

So they're actually three for ten bucks if you're in the USA. It's just the way the PayPal shopping cart works easiest.

Check them out today.

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