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11/11/2007: "Cyclist Surf the "Green Wave" in Amsterdam"
Amsterdam is testing a system they call the "Green Wave" for bicyclists, timing traffic signals along the Raadhuisstraat so that bicyclists traveling at 15kph to 18kph (10mph to 11mph) will not see any red lights at interesections. (Northern European bicycle commuters are almost overwhelmingly non-enthusiasts riding heavy city bikes at about this speed, for whom the bike is simply sensible and pleasant transportation, not an sporting toy.)

Tests in Danish cities showed that cyclist's travel speed there (using perhaps a slightly different timing) increased from an average of 15kph to about 20kph, and that trams and buses using the same streets increased their average speeds as well, while cars were slowed only slightly.

Traffic flow was smoothed, and travel times significantly reduced for the more civilized modes of travel, while car travel was penalized only slightly--a very nice way to balance travel mode incentives and reduce the hidden institutional subsidies and incentives that lead people to choose the dangerous and inefficient personal automobile for urban travel.

To read the entire article, go to Green Wave for Cyclists Tested.

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