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11/05/2007: "Bicycle Fixation Great Rack Hunt Contest--You Be the Judge!"
The entry period for the Bicycle Fixation Great Bike Rack Hunt contest is closed, and we have posted the photos. We will be forwarding them to our panel of experts in a week or so, but meanwhile, our readers have the chance to judge for themselves which of the racks pictured is the best or the worst of class!

The winner of the People's Choice vote will receive a pair of Hemp City Knickers for having found the bike parking rack most respected by practical cyclists.

The "lanterne rouge" who submitted what you decide to be the most clueless bike rack around will receive a James Black Hat. Because it's important to know what mistakes we should avoid in providing bicycle parking facilities.

(The winner of the experts' judgment will receive a pair of our Classic Wool Knickers.)

To view the pictures vote, go to the Popular Vote page

If you didn't hear about the contest earlier, but still want to vote, please see the Contest Page so you know what we're looking for.

And we urge everybody to view the APBP's Bicycle Parking Guidelines to help you with your judging, and to support your arguments for better bicycle parking when you speak to government officials, building managers, employers, and others to ask for bike rack installations.

Because you can park a lot of bikes in the space that just one car takes up.

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